Customized Grieving Processes

Grief and bereavement are highly individualized — no two people experience them in exactly the same way. When you have American Best Care Hospice to provide you and your loved ones with our services, we provide what you need, when you need it.

We believe that grief and bereavement can begin before a loved one passes and can extend for quite a while after they've passed and the funeral has ended. That attention to the process of dying is the entire point of hospice care. We offer grief and bereavement support to families, friends, and staff while a patient is under our care and for up to 13 months after your loved one has passed. We are also available to talk anytime during anniversaries and birthdays that might be difficult to handle as well.

To find out more about our grief and bereavement services, please call us at 972-661-9911.

Comprehensive Bereavement Services

You can rely on American Best Care Hospice for a wide variety of bereavement services.

  • Home visits from bereavement / grief specialists, counselors, chaplains, and volunteers
  • Telephone support
  • Support groups
  • Memorial services
  • Quarterly letters of support
  • Newsletters and educational materials
  • Referrals to grief therapists, community support groups, and more

Our services focus on building the skills necessary to go on after a loved one has passed without giving up the memory of that loved one.

  • Helping children cope
  • Defining loss
  • Coping with loss and losing a family member
  • Recognizing anxiety and depression
  • Help with grieving
  • Support during holidays

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For your convenience, speakers of Korean, Arabic, and Spanish are available.

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