Experienced Assistance with Local Resources

When you work with American Best Care Hospice, you get experienced assistance with a wide variety of local resources, social programs, and other services. Our staff will alleviate your burdens by reaching out to the appropriate professionals and agencies and making sure you get the support you need.

  • Legal aid
  • Funeral planning
  • Community resources
  • And more

We understand that you're facing decisions and situations with which you may be unfamiliar; we know the experts, and we'll help make any contacts that you may need. Our company is locally owned and we're familiar with the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area and its surrounding counties. Call us at 903-640-9300 to learn more about our social services.

Practical Planning and a Network of Support

You can depend on American Best Care Hospice for a broad range of emotional, medical, and practical services.

Emotional assistance

  • Identifying emotional needs and providing support
  • Bridging family gaps and bringing loved ones together

Medical and legal assistance

  • Helping assure that you and your family's wishes are met
  • Assisting with advanced directives and physician orders for life-sustaining treatment
  • Helping with insurance and Medicare paperwork

Practical planning

  • Assisting with funeral planning
  • Contacting local agencies
  • Accessing community resources

To Learn More About Our Social Services, Call 903-640-9300

For your convenience, speakers of Korean, Arabic, and Spanish are available.

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