Meeting Your Emotional and Spiritual Needs

At American Best Care Hospice, we know that your emotional and spiritual needs are as important as your physical comfort. We provide a number of services to you and your family, which help you fulfill your religious and spiritual needs.

Our spiritual services focus on living, loving, and being able to discuss your feelings and wishes with your family and friends. As your disease or illness progresses, we provide you with a basis of strength and love. Let us help you ease those tough moments with your loved ones.

We're available 24 hours. Call us at 903-640-9300 to learn more about the spiritual services available.

Depend on Our Spiritual Counselors

Our spiritual counselors come from a diverse set of backgrounds and provide a broad range of important services.

  • Support on the meaning of life
  • Help clarifying beliefs and values
  • Exploration of hope and life's purpose
  • Discussions of forgiveness and doubts

Counselors are available to see to your specific religious needs and we have members of various faiths available to meet with you during your transition to the next life.

  • Reviewing scriptures
  • Offering prayers
  • Performing rituals
  • Guided meditations
  • Providing spiritual / sacred / religious music
  • Contacting clergy of your faith

To Learn More About Our Spiritual Services, Call 903-640-9300

For your convenience, speakers of Korean, Arabic, and Spanish are available.

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